Hello and welcome to SpoilYourDog.Net, a website dedicated to everything about dogs. We have some exciting new features that we're working on and have added to the site. The first of these features is a past "Dogs of the Month" (DoTM) page. Each month, we choose one lucky pup to feature on the site's homepage. In the past, when your dog's month was over, its month was over. Now your pooch can live on in infamy in this new section of the website! We'll be updating it every month and placing each month's previous DotM winner's picture and bio on the page. Feel free to check it out here! There is also a link on the side bar for easy access.

Secondly, we have added a clipart feature! We'll be adding clipart of the various breeds of dogs over the coming months, so go ahead and check it out and keep checking back for more interesting updates at SpoilYourDog.Net!

2011 Update

Hello all you fellow dog lovers out there! I have some wonderful news! I, Jenna, the webmaster of SpoilYourDog.Net am expecting a beautiful baby boy this October. Along with this bundle of joy comes a lot of life stresses that I need to focus on, such as finding and moving into a bigger house! Sadly, that means I will not be updating this site, likely until December 2011 or January 2012. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I WILL return. I will not be updating the Dog of the Month until those dates, but please, please, please keep sending me your pictures! I am always needing darling dogs to feature and I have to go hunting! I would love to come back to a stack of e-mails! I WILL get to your pooch and you WILL be notified when they are featured. Thank you for your understanding while I take this time to build my family. :)

April dog of the Month

April featured dog of the month is named Tundra. Tundra is an Alaskan Malamute, and will be 2 years old on April 9th. According to his human, Erin, he is a big fluffy goofball of pure love. His nickname is Tunsafun, because he is really a lot of fun and always doing something goofy to make them laugh. When people meet Tundra they say he has a different bark, that is because he really doesn't bark but talks in a low "woo-woo" sound which his humans find to be an endearing characteristic. Tundra lives with his human family and has 2 German Shepherd sisters and 1 German Shepherd brother.

HOW CAN YOUR DOG BE DOG OF THE MONTH??? - When you send a picture of your dog, send a brief paragraph or two telling about the life and hobbies of your dog! No dog will be put up on the main page more than once a year. This is to give ALL the dogs a fair chance. Thank you for submitting your pictures and good luck. Send pictures to: spoil your dog @ Yahoo.com (please eliminate ALL spaces. I am trying to avoid SPAM by separating my e-mail address.)

Do you want give suggestions about the page, see my other sites, or talk to me about anything personally? Send an e-mail to jenna voetsch @ yahoo.com (delete the spaces - This is to BLOCK SPAM!!!)
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Dogs of the Month
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